2023 Symphor!a Program
Hamilton Village Green
July 6, 2023 - 7:30 pm start

John Stafford SmithStar Spangled Banner

Leonard Bernstein: Candide Overture    notes=>

George Bizet: Carmen Suite No.     notes=>

Myroslav Skoryk: Melody     notes=>

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Marriage of Figaro:        notes=>
Voi che sapete      

Anderson: Promenade      notes=>

John Williams: E.T.   notes=>


Gould: American Salute    notes=>

John Philip Sousa: Hands Across the Sea      notes=>

Sean O’loughlin: Musicals Meet the Movies  
          Bill Conti For Your Eyes Only            notes=>

John Williams: Jurassic Park Selections     notes=>

 ENCORE: Stars And Stripes Forever